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I ordered a tailbow collar made of suede (I knew that it was a custom order)... It was a $50 collar for my teacup yorkie.

When the order came in, the collar was 2 sizes smaller than I was expecting and the company would not even let me exchange it! They advised me to buy another $50 collar. It is a joke.

Absolutely rude and do not get back to you for days!

After my purchase I have researched the material it is made of as well as the stone that was sewed to the collar... I found out that the stone was not even made of the swarovski elements and on the other website it was sold for less than a $1!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Simi Valley, California, United States #799766

GW Little has offered a SPECIAL ORDER program for CUSTOM MADE items for over 10 years now. There are literally thousands of made-to-order pieces a customer can have specially made for them.

We have had very few issues with our program because we outline the details for placing CUSTOM ORDERS up front so the customer is aware of the "no returns on custom made pieces" policy. Outside of Custom Made items we have the most liberal return policy in the industry. But, a custom piece is just that, a custom piece.

Our program is simple – all we ask is for customers to try on the item of interest in a size and color we have in stock to make sure it fits before placing the custom order. We even include a pre-paid return envelope to get back the test fit item at no cost - and we ship out the special order item at no cost.

We also encourage customers to call our toll-free number for assistance before placing custom orders. This ensures the customer has tried the item on and will know it fits BEFORE ordering a custom made item - and they don't pay any additional shipping.

Links to this policy are listed at least 3 times on every special order item and is authorized by the customer before checkout so they have a clear understanding of the program, and that we are looking out for their best interest. We even have a video online explaining the program, and we talk people out of ordering custom pieces until they have tried returnable items first. This customer ordered a Teacup size collar.

Maybe they “think” they have a Teacup dog? Another reason why we encourage customers to TRY IT BEFORE you CUSTOM ORDER it.

For whatever reason, this customer took a chance and did not want to take advantage of our free exchange program, even though they had never tried a collar from this manufacturer on their dog. We have plenty of collars in stock in every size this customer could have tried on their dog before going CUSTOM. Turns out they were two sizes off and now were the bad guys.

Go figure! We want to continue to offer the program because there are thousands of available options for people to choose from to suit their personal taste, but it’s cases like this that may ruin it for everyone.

Customers who understand the program love it. We take care of the shipping and all they have to do is be patient while we get them the test fit items before jumping into a custom made piece exclusively for them.

Unfortunately, when someone chooses to take a risk and places a custom order without trying the item on it is not, and should not be, our responsibility if the item does not fit. We provide everything necessary to try items on your dog before CUSTOM ORDERING to eliminate instances just like this one.

No, we’re not liars (with an “a,” we also don’t “lie” down on the job), we don’t “steal” money – we work hard to put FAIR policies in place to protect consumers, and our customer service is stellar! John Grieco, President GW Little

to Anonymous Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #799874

I did order online and I did mention that I am a first time customer, the representative never told me about the try me first option. I would have gladly chose it.

As I said, I was a first time customer who placed an initial order of $300 and you were planning on letting me go because you could not exchange the item from the order, which clearly was shorter than the length described online (yes, I measured it with the tape)... I do know the size of my dog, because I had her for 4 years, in addition to that, all the other items surprisingly fit her, except for the collar.

Just a reminder, a customer is always right, even if you think I am wrong. It is not my problem that you do not want to admit the rudeness with which this issue was addressed by one of your customer representatives. If you recorded the conversation, there will be nothing to talk about this right now, because you would have heard everything yourself.

It is quite shocking that you didn't even want to give me a call and discuss this issue.

Just another verification of the fact that you do not care about my experience and that you yourself do not set an example for great customer service to the rest of your employees.

If you prefer to object to everything I say, please go ahead, you just don't want to get to the bottom of the problem in my experience and that is very upsetting. Every customer should be treated on an individual basis and please don't generalize and compare the overall customer experience with what I encountered.

The reputation of your company might start shifting on a downward spiral if you keep denying everything.

I wish you all the best.

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